Sustainable Development

Today, our sister company, Wayra SRL, is managed by Mercedes Benavides and dedicated to sustainable work in various Peruvian mining communities.  The goal is to train artisans in the different techniques and quality standards, build different workshops and guide the leaders in starting independent companies capable of serving exclusive international customers and markets.

The mining company sponsors the projects and Wayra SRL executes them, becoming the defining link between the mining company and the community. Each artisan Workshop starts with the baselines  (design, skills & capabilities) provided by an anthropologist and the assessment of the textile designers who identify the skills of the zone.

Wayra trains the knitters and artisans in new techniques, to correctly read and identify measurements, specs, and sizes, tensions, quality control procedures and finishing techniques. Depending upon the need of the community, we may also provide workshops on  self esteem, nutrition or other topics of interest and relevance. Our principal goal is to complete the projects with a formal and independent business, within each artisan workshop, so each workshop can be sustainable.  The knitters and artisans use their income primarily to provide education to their children and purchase materials for school and university.

We have trained more than 2000 artisans in: Huancavelica, Lima, Puno, Cajamarca, Trujillo, Moquegua, Cerro de Pasco and Junín

Some of the mines we work with are El Brocal, Canteras del hallazgo,  Barrick and  Anglo American.


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