Brand Name: Wayra
Company Name: Andes Textiles Peru Sac
Tax number: 20545929571
Address: Av. Republica de Panama 6537 Surco. Lima 33 - Perú.
Phone: (511) 637 1627
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"Bring your design to us and we will make any wish come true" - We produce customized and private label products for the world's most exclusive brands and designers.

** Annual Capacity/product:
Industrial Woven Throws: 150 000 Units.
Hand Made Products: 40 000 Units. (Throws, gloves, hats, scarves, etc)
Hand Loomed Panels: 6000 Units. (For bags, pillows, and patches)
Industrial Woven Bed Blankets: 75 000 Units.
Pillows: 120 000 Units.
Shawls: 120 000 Units.
Scarves: 200 000 Units.
Hand Knitted Sweaters/Apparel: 36 000 Units.
Industrial Knitted Products: 40 000 Units.

** Production Lead Time: 60-120 days. (Depends on the type of product and the availability of yarn)
** Samples Lead Time: 3 weeks- 45 days. (Depends on the type of product and the availability of yarn)

** Machinery:
Artisan's looms/ width 275 cm
Hand flat machine/ rib width 40-50 cm/ jersey width 70 cm
Industrial looms: Regular 275 cm and Jacquard 130 cm
Knitted looms: Shima, 130 cm

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